About me

Reconnection® is about “coming Home.” Home to our true Self. In this amazing time of Shift and Awakening Consciousness, The Reconnection® is a powerful way to glide into our planetary awakening.

Eric Pearl signing my booksAfter searching, trying and reading a lot of books about healing techniques and different modalities, I came across with Dr. Eric Pearl’s great work.

Up until then, I followed Doreen Virtue’s online Angel Therapy course, received Usuiki Reiki 1 and 2, Became a Kundalini Reiki Master by following KR 1-2-3, and had Violet Flame attunement. By using these healing methods started helping others from a distance. In the meantime, in order to develop myself further, I attended to many spiritual fairs, had automatic writing experiences, and learned to work with crystals.

For a while I thought all this worked but still something was missing. I believe coincidences do not exist. I had the chance to read the book “The Reconnection; Heal yourself heal others” by Eric Pearl which in the end led me to one of his seminars in Paris. I followed level 1 and 2 in June 2013, and will follow Level 3 in 2014.

Since February 2012 I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioners (ATP), certified Kundalini Reiki Master, attuned Violet Flame user and since June, 2013 I am a certified Reconnective Healing Therapist. I trust the power of these frequencies more than any other modalities and already had amazing feedbacks from my customers.

Healings do happen. The Magic is within you. Everything you need will come in the perfect time…